What is Archipel Soundtracks?

Soundtracks is a sub-label of Archipel and aims to invite artists to be involved in creating a conceptual EP/LP for the label. The concept is generated randomly by an online tool that uses parameters to create a document that gives you all information on what your release will be. Next, you make music based on the limitation and directions. As long as the main rules are respected, you can do basically do anything.

We believe music should be more than a compilation of tracks and ideas, thus, an outside help can drive new ideas and dictate a new aesthetic one might not think he has. Releases will include music generated through that process.

Soundtracks is inspired by Lars Von Trier’s Dogme 95

How does it work?

On the website (, you will first request for membership. Be prepared to explain your motivation, show some of your works, comply to the rules and then expect a login and password if the curator believes you fit. There might be a delay as the team will grow.

Once you have your login, go to the site and enter. You will then have to update your profile. It is important you fill all technical information (ex. MAC or PC user, DAW, etc) because the concept generator will base some rules on your work environment.

Once that is filled, you can go to the generator section, adjust parameters to your tastes and then launch the process. You’ll have your document ready!

Based on the document, you’ll need to make the tracks as described. Stick to the rules! When done, you come back to the login and proceed with the submission of your work. You’ll then get a feedback on your release and we’ll see from there.

Please keep in mind to read carefully this manifesto on internal rules to make this possible and adequate.

The role of this document:

This Manifesto and work document is to make sure there is a common aesthetic for all releases to come out on Archipel Soundtracks.

Goals of the project:
  1. Break the common rules we tend to impose ourselves.
  2. Create a shared project based on limitations
  3. Focus on the process more than the result
General Rules
  1. All limitations must be respected. Anything else can go as long as the limitations work. Album rules should be respected first unless a track rule specify otherwise.
  2. Tracks shouldn’t be made in tradition ways nor made to please anyone specifically (ex. DJs). That said, structures should be elastic, unpredictable and unorthodox. If they say it can’t be done, perhaps you should consider it.
  3. Weird things should and will happen.
  4. Certain limitations will bring you to unusual results; please, do not censor yourself. Ugly is beautiful.
  5. Tracks should never have a breakdown in order to create rise and explosion. If so, reinvent yourself.
  6. Effect use should be in a consistent and not gizmo sounding. No presets (effets, samples) should be used. Everything should always be modified.
  7. Since all tracks depends on each another, do not bounce the final master of a track until the album is completely done.
  8. Tracks that will need to be recorded live should have a very little editing in DAW at the end.
  9. Don’t try to follow a genre (ex. techno) unless said so.
  10. Don’t use samples used in past productions. Don’t reuse same samples through the album unless indicated. It is acceptable to use same samples only if you alter them considerably. Using same samples from one track to another is OK if its part of your concept only.
Releasing rules and details
  1. Tracks shouldn’t be put on Soundcloud publicly or shared until the release date.
  2. Releasing or submitting the album on another label would be a huge disappointment and your account would be suspended unless you contact us to advise us. (
  3. Until we agree on the release date, format and other details, be sure to know Archipel shares 50% of all profits made. Mastering, artword and promotion are covered by the label and artist is not charged for these services.