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Register for the site here. A password will be emailed to you. You can change your password by visiting your dashboard.

Creating an Artist Profile

From your dashboard you can create an artist profile. Your artist profile will be reviewed by the Soundtracks team before being approved. To increase the chances of approval please complete as much of the profile as possible.

The artist information you provide will be used to promote your project when it is released. If possible upload a high resolution profile image. The recommended minimum size is 1400px x 900px.

If your artist profile is approved you will be informed by email.

Note: Artist profiles without a profile image or biography will not be approved.

Creating a Project

Once your artist profile is approved you will be able to create your first project by visiting your dashboard.

Click on the “Create a Project” button in the sidebar of the dashboard and you will be taken to the Soundtracks generator. Once you begin, the project cannot be deleted and you are committed.

The Generator

As stated already once the generator is started it can’t be undone. Each step of the process is recorded as it happens and committed.

Creating a Project Title

The first step is to create a title for your project. The titles are generated randomly from Wikipedia. You have 3 chances to create a title. If you decide to generate a second title the first one will be lost and if you decide to generate a third title the second will be lost.

Note: If you refresh the page or come back to the project at a later time you will lose the option to generate any remaining titles you may have had left.

Selecting a Project Type

You can select from three project types:


Project Rule

A global project rule is generated. It may transpire that an individual track rule conflicts in some way with the project rule. In this case just use creative thinking and do your best to stick to both rules.

Completion Date

You can select wether you would like a project deadline to be created for you. If you choose yes the generator will set a deadline no later than 7 months from the current date and no earlier than 1 month from the current date. You are allowed to narrow the date range to a minimum of a 30 day period within the six month period.

Track Count

If you selected a project type of EP or album the number of tracks for your project is generated. An EP will consist of between 2 and 4 tracks and an album will consist of between 5 and 10 tracks.

Generating Tracks
Track Titles

Unlike project titles the generator will only create 1 title per track. The track titles are generated by sets of words added by the Soundtracks team and Archipel artists.

Track Tempo

Track tempos can be between 60 and 180bpm and you can narrow the range of the generator down to a minimum of 40bpm.

Track Duration

Track length can be between 1 and 30 minutes and you can narrow the range of the generator down to a minimum of 2 mins. If you have selected an album you might want to narrow down the range down a bit so you don’t end up with 5 hours of music to create!

Track Rules

3 rules are generated fro each track the third rule has a 50/50 chance of being a sound sample. If so you will be able to download the sample in WAV format.

What Happens Next

Once you have finished creating your project the next step is to let us hear it! Projects should be sent to us privately via Soundcloud in WAV 44.1khz format. We will review your recording along with the project description and get right back to you!