Thopa ES

What do you do if none of your friends can DJ and you want to throw  parties at your parents’ house while they’re away? You learn to DJ of course! Well, that’s how Madrid born and bred DJ and producer, Thopa, began his career, anyway. That was almost 16 years ago. 

As a teenager, Thopa bought his first guitar and played in some Metal bands. Some time after, Clubs like Midday/ Middnight, Alien, The Room started to appear on Madrid’s night life, where Thopa discovered a new world of sound that would have great impact on his music style and tastes. It wasn’t long until he bought his first groove box, a Roland MC909 and started doing his first loops and rhythms. 

When he was twenty he moved to New York, Toulouse, and finally London where he got his club land education courtesy of London’s finest club, the End, where he worked for three years – his one and only job in London. “It was one of the best times of my life,” he remembers. “Very self consuming in all ways, but it was definitely worth it” It was during this time he met A-list DJs Ritchie Hawtin, Claudio Coccoluto and Laurent Garnier, and was inspired by their sets when he played at the End’s sister club AKA. 

Since then he’s played at Bump (Bristol) Spain’s WOMAD festival, at The End (London), Florida 135 (Spain) , and earned himself a residency at London’s AKA and Sundance (Madrid) 

He has released tracks on A Brand New Vibe, (where his track “Bumping it” got support from Stacey Pullen, Kruse & Nurnberg, Kris Wadsworth..) Coincidence Records, Sk Supreme, Selected Label, Seta label (where James Venturi remixed his track “ pequeño martillo rojo”), Vi Tva Records (Germany) Japan’s Fountain Music, on Tony Thomas’s Ambiosphere, (who remixed some of his tracks) and alongside Mastiksoul on Kitsam. 

His music has flavours of tech house, techno and minimal techno.

Tired of virtual plugins and pre-sets that try to  emulate the real analogue sound, Thopa made the move to Modular Synthesizers a couple of years ago, and he has not looked back since.