The Downgrade Complex US

The Downgrade Complex is Nathan Patrick Palinkas from Philadelphia, PA, born on May 19th, 1995. His first experiments with music began in 2008, with simple time-stretched, reverbed and distorted edits of pop songs on his friends’ computers, naive keyboard melodies recorded on a phone, fooling around with scrap metal on furniture and recording the results, and strumming broken guitar strings. For the sake of the universe, he destroyed evidence of this early work, thus avoiding being charged of crimes against humanity (and possibly ASCAP lawsuits). While maintaining his carefree free-improvisational style and no-budget DIY aesthetic (perhaps part of his charms), he crafts ambient noise, dub techno, glitch, and IDM with a foreboding sense of menace. It’s both serious and humorous. Textured and silky. Tense and beautiful. Light and dark. Constructed and downgraded.