Storlon CH

Born in the Alps, Hervé aka Storlon is quickly influenced by his older sister into concret music and new wave. His interests for weird sounds and melancholic odyssey has always been part of his musical tastes.

Moving to California for two years when he was 18 years old, the first 909 rhythms flowed into his ears.Then back in Geneva in 1995 where electronic was merging from the alternative landscape.

One year after, friendship and so on, he begins to share his passion with a friend at « Chez Brigitte », a warmful and well-known underground spot of Geneva. Two times per week, LFO, Studio 1, Autechre, B12… were banging the place. Its ended two years after.
Getting back to the serenity of the wide mountains landscapes, still ashamed by those strange sound, he decided to invest himself into sonic crafting boundaries… Storlon was born.

“Incapable de supporter la douleur de son amour perdu, qu’il ressentait dans chaque cellule de son corps, il substitua à ses os, à sa chair et à ses viscères du storlon, un métal flexible et invulnérable.”
La Caste des Méta-Barons de Jodorowsky et Gimenez