Scorchio HU

I’m Zoltán Adamek from Vác, Hungary.

My background:

  • Played piano for ten years at the local music school, still heavily keyboard-influenced
  • First pieces of electronic music I remember: Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis
  • Started playing around with music software in 2006 or so
  • DJ’d at small gigs around 2007
  • Contributed to the Ableton community of Hungary with teaching people, providing software localization, etc.
  • Interested in a quite broad range of music including experimental
  • I don’t like the concept of genres
  • I’m not an accomplished artist, but I try to improve myself and see what will happen
  • I’m a software developer

I believe that with creating music, I will be able to express myself in a way which isn’t possible otherwise and to build deeper connections with people.