Philipp Wolgast DE

Philipp is part of a small but evergrowing & eclectic school of Dancemusic-producers, based in and around HAMBURG City. Born here in the early 70s into a family with intense leanings to ART and music, it was easy to foresee, that his life was up from the beginning unalterably dedicated to SOUND, and the INCREASEMENT of the hearing CONSCIOUSNESS.
Looking back on a COLORFUL childhood and the fact, that ANY move he did was connected to a certain kind of music, he maintained keeping the FOCUS on creating multitudes of musical styles, anytime leaving an ear and his mind open for any kind of Direction or Influence, that he could get aware of during the years. So most days of his blooming youth were spent in the parental garages of the northern hemisphere, teasing neighbours with one or the other of the numerous band-projects he was part of. Hip Hop, MOTOWN Funk and the all surrounding presence of JAZZ were indelibly competing with Classic Music, regular Piano-lessons, the odd WORLDS of Atonal- and Industrial scapes, Death Metal and almost any other genre appearing in the last three decades, that seemed worth to pay ATTENTION to.
As a child of the Vinyl-Generation (Mom even sold Vinyl in a Record Store for about 30 years), with tons of Wax of any kind in his collection, it was routine in the mid 80´s to have two decks and a mixer at home. Cutting & Scratching was the plan, though he ended up early doing Beatmixes with the Hip Hop Music of those days.

To become a successful Progressive-Trance- and Techno-DJ in the beginning of the 90´s, was just the result of a natural progress then. From 1992 till the year 2000 Philipp played many gigs all over the world, including Hotspots like San Francisco, Melbourne, Stockholm, Mexico-City, Tokyo and even more exotic parts of Asia, just as well as regular Gigs in the surrounding european countries and Skandinavia. He became co-founder and owner of the two renowned Progressive Labels PLASTIK PARK and SUNSET RECORDINGS, still successfully runned by the loving care of Mrs. Sally Doolally.
Around 2001 it was about time to change directions and devote to the DEEPER variations of nowadays electronic DANCE music. Perlon was born, Playhouse and Ricardo Villalobos started their ongoing conquest of the world, and Zurich and it´s pronounced Nightclub-Paradise, where Philipp lived for many years, did the rest to let him unconditionally dedicate his life and love to this fascinating Techno-Phenomenon.  A short visit at the SAE-Institute in 2005 helped making the decision to finally loose fear of Technology and start producing music on his own. Since then he is steadily evolving sonic methods to express his intense thoughts and feelings about this complex, everchanging and whatsoever beautyful wonder called LIFE.
To get rid of disturbing environmental expectations and general genre-fuckations, he invented his moniker SUCH A SAINT in 2011.
Philipp´s tracks and remixes get released on great labels like Suena Hermosa, loob label, Igloo Records, Krad Records, Vitalik Records, formResonance, Fantastic Friends Records, Kompass Musik, Numbolic, Kina Music, Hifreaks, Eminor, Der Hut, and many others..