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It would be hard to categorize Pete as a dj for a specific genre of electronic dance music. He doesn’t focus on one particular genre, but precisely selects and mixes music suitable for a time and place. One night you will see him playing heavy banging dark German or Detroit techno or late late night Romanian dub and minimal. However catch him in the sun to hear rhythmic baselines with South American hint or beautiful melodies of and adult contemporary deep house.This Chicago based well known individual is best known for his work in creating JustQualityMusic brand. JQM is an event organizer, media agency, Label (JQM Recordings) and much much more.

Being a part of international techno scene community, Pete had a chance to play and work along side the biggest names in the industry.


Piotr Kazimierski, a.k.a. PeteOne, is a Polish electronic music DJ and producer. He is best known around the world for founding JustQualityMusic, the inter-based radio station, event promotion and booking agency.Music has been an integral part of Piotr’s life ever since he was a small child. His mother, a Polish folk dancer, brought him all over Europe on tour with her dance group. In addition, Piotr studied classical piano for eight years. With such strong influences, it is no wonder why music has become such a deep-rooted passion and way of life for him.

Piotr was first exposed to electronic music in 1992 when he heard The Prodigy’s album “Experience.” Subsequently, he began following electronic music and would get it from every place he could. Piotr soon discovered the German television show and compilation called “Club Rotation” and developed an affinity for the German and British sounds of the mid-90s, particularly WestBam and Dr. Motte. Later in 1998, a friend gifted him his first Global Underground CD featuring Sasha. Both compilations became a huge influence and his main source for the latest music. 

Perhaps the most important turning point for Piotr was when attended the Love Parade in Berlin in 1999. There he heard the likes of Sven Väth and Carl Cox. For the first time ever, music was not just something he listened to, but part of an experience in which millions of people united under one common passion and he witnessed firsthand how profoundly music could move people. This feeling was a huge inspiration for Piotr and from that point forward, he sought to move people in the same way.

Piotr moved to Chicago in 2000. He immediately began mixing records at home and took the first gig he could get to play at his high school dance. Suffice it to say, the gig was not as successful as the ones he plays today, but using failures as opportunities to grow and reinvent himself would become a theme in Piotr’s life. 
Piotr kept practicing and building up his record collection and would often drop by the famous Gramophone Records to pick up the latest albums. 

All this practice paid off when Piotr won a DJ competition on a local radio station called “Spin to Win” and his mix was broadcast live to the entire Chicago electronic music community. This brought his name much recognition and he started getting gigs at clubs all over Chicago and meeting many players in the local underground scene. One of these people was DJ and producer Darin Epsilon, who introduced Piotr to a promoter at the popular Vision Nightclub where he subsequently landed his first residency.

After a year, the promoter at Vision moved to Denver and Piotr was left searching for his next gig. Around the same time, one of his biggest inspirations, DJ James Lauer, ended his popular electronic music radio show “Diversity Portfolio” on WNUR 89.3. Piotr felt a palpable void for good underground electronic music in Chicago, and he was not going to take this lying down. 

With a determination to bring people quality music, and being the tech-savvy person that he is, Piotr decided to create an internet-based radio station. In 2008, he founded (JQM), which, true to its name, brought the best techno, tech house, deep house and minimal not only to Chicago, but to the entire world. Shortly after, friend and owner of Gramophone Records, Michael Serafini, hired Piotr for a job that several years ago he could only dream about. Piotr began working at Gramophone part time managing the new releases in techno. This job especially came in handy for his live radio show on JQM, “The Weekly Record Check,” where Piotr would play the best new releases for the first hour of the show, followed by an interview and mix from a different world-renowned artist each week. 

Today, JQM is an internationally-recognized brand. It has released over 70 podcasts and can be found in iTunes under electronica radio stations. In addition, JQM has outlets on YouTube and every social media channel. Piotr also started using his interview skills and his website as a platform to do media coverage for major electronic music festivals across the United States and Canada. After his move to Washington, DC in 2009, he began JustQualityMusic Events. He is currently working on bookings for world-renowned artists as well as producing his own tracks and hopes to release something soon. Because of his passion for the music, he is constantly focused on new ways to make it more accessible to the rest of the world, always looking forward and up. 

In the meantime Piotr hasn’t forgotten his own passion to play music. He continues to headline many gigs and has also opened for many world-renowned artists. His music has a wide range of influences, from the deep, sexy sounds he became so familiar with in Chicago, to the dark, drum beats of New York underground techno. The cultural rhythms of his South American colleagues also tend to enter into his music and he is especially influenced by his famous doppelganger counterpart, Ricardo Villalobos. Piotr is known for his ability to read a crowd’s energy and adjust his set accordingly and he still manages to find the best new releases before anyone else.