“A “walking radio” is what Ohad Nissim aka OHAD was called since the age of 15. Because of the great music library he has in his head and his endless passion for music.

Ohad, originally from the south of Israel, started his Dj journey in small clubs playing trance and dance music.

At the age of 24, fascinated by the creative and unique world of electronic music, Ohad decided to take his years as a dance music Dj a step further and studied audio production at a music college in Tel Aviv.

Working with other musicians prompted him to put more effort into his own music and to find his very own special “sound”.

In 2009 Ohad moved to Belgium to broaden his knowledge about electronic music and his first EP was released on a small German label called “Beachtown Records”.

After 2 years in Belgium, playing in different clubs in Brussels and Antwerp, he decided to move to London to study the more technical part of music.

While living in London, Ohad played at festivals and in clubs such as Ministry of Sound, The Nest, Horse and Groom and Shoreditch Festival, whilst continuing to polish his unique sound and venturing into the deep and dark world of electronic music.

“I feel that now, after all the time I’ve put into exploring the world of sound, I am ready to express myself through exciting and innovative music.”

Ohad is continuing his musical journey in Berlin now, perfecting is home studio,stepping out the computer box to a more hardware world and focusing on the more Techno and experimental electronic side of music.

Good things to come from Ohad’s direction, stay tuned!” (2B Continued Radio)