For Massimiliano Toscano (, doing music could be similar to a religion. Isn’t be

a hobby, or a simple job, but you have to commit yourself, deep into music.

No wonder that his perception and radical conception about being a musician was influenced by

the classical and intense formation he received since he was eight years-old. Indeed, at this age,

he started to learn and play violin in the local Academy of his small town in South Italy.

At 12, he gets into the Conservatory and starts to play in an orchestra.

He remembers now how ambivalent could be the feelings you could have over there, when you are

only a kid, and dedicated your life to music but enjoying so much to play and practice violin, and,

in the meantime discover and improve electronic music thanks to well-informed friends’ group

and local record shop.

Time to stop classical studies for a while, Massimiliano move to Rome, start studying Sound Design,

to keep into this musical way of life and graduating with the great outcome of 100/100 cum laude.

But Rome isa bit too conservative, even if people want to make it a creative city and so, he moved to

Berlin in the summer of 2012.This city offers you this special atmosphere, and this special people.

You don’t need to search to find out confident, relaxed and interesting ambients here.

Currently, he’s working in a Studio specialized in media productions, and working out on his music.

Work is his key word. He’s trying to be more selective, more mature in his approach on the electronic

music also. He developed a real interest for old stuff, from the 50’s or the 60’s and the dry sound

of Berlin, this dynamic place that give you some reminiscences of your childhood, the same feeling

as in the old good Kindergarten. Give you the capacity to be a child, again. And isn’t this really

important, for someone who played violin all his childhood, to have back this little part of freedom ?