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The soundtrack to your night life
Luno Maro, aka Kobayashy,, provides the soundtrack for your nightlife .With fantastic exciting sounds.He plays regularly at some great clubs and festivals
“ The basics I learned on my own.”
Luno Maro fell in love with music during his childhood. His favorite music? A refined selection of soul, funk, disco, Latin, world, jazz, new wave, rock, pop and hip hop
“I did it my way”
In the late 80’s, Luno Maro started playing music himself.  “The basics I learned from Lefto and on my own. But after some time I started building up my experience by taking part of several workshops and master classes. Among others? The DJ-lab in Hasselt, the DJ Academy in Antwerp, and a master class with DJ Bobby Ewing.”
Belgium almost too little
Luno Maro plays regularly at some great clubs and festivals: Decadance (Ghent), Charlatan (Ghent), Brussel Bad, Rock Ternat, Jospop (Schepdaal), Dance 2 the Moon (Diest), New Moon Party(Herzele), Belga dance awards (Leuven), Pop-up Store (Ghent) and the Pop-up bar (Ghent).
Luno Maro: a huge name
Luno Maro shared the decks with big names of the dance scene, such as Buscemi, Trish, Lady Vortex, Jan Van Biesen, Jens Holmes and lots of other great DJ’s. He was a guest at the Studio Brussels program Switch and on spits FM in the program 2dance 2chill. He was also laurelled at the Gabriel Rios Remix.
He also hosted his own live in the mix show “Housefy Yourself ” on Nuhorizon Radio UK .


​A promising future

And now? Luno Maro: “Now I’m looking to make my way into the production world.” There for he travels to London to work and learn from the extremely experienced course tutor Alex Parsons in his London based 16 Steps studio and production school.House music is a big part of my life, no matter where my production career

takes me, i will never stop making and supporting house .


– 16 steps​​

–  Rebeat

-1980 recordings