Kris Moon US

Since moving to Seattle in 1998 and landing a job at Capitol Hill record shop Zion’s Gate, Kris Moon has established himself as a versatile DJ with impeccable taste. He went on to help shape the legendary, electro-debauched Robo.trash night and elevate the laptop-battle concept to global recognition while winning two of the competitions himself. Besides his frenetic itinerary behind Ableton Live interfaces and Technics, Moon also oversees the educational component of the Decibel Festival. As a DJ, Moon has blown minds with his deep techno, dub, jungle, and even Top-40 hiphop… For all his DJ feats, though, Moon may be even more dope as a producer. His opening sets for world-class techno artists Octave One and Richie Hawtin elevated Moon to VIP status in many observers’ ears. Moon’s new Kriegspiel Music CD-R reflects his fathoms-deep version of minimal techno, proving his adept assimilation of a most cerebral and chilled take on this Detroit-via-Berlin track construction. // DAVE SEGAL, condensed from the March 15, 2006 ..Data Breaker.. column in The Stranger. //