John Clees US

John learned very early on the astonishing experiences associated with the creation of music from both of his parents. His mother passionately played the piano, while his father avidly played the acoustic guitar. The balance of passion, creativity and desire was captured from an early age. 

John was first introduced to electronic dance music when he was seven years old. He would secretly listen to “The Electrifying Mojo” on 97.9 FM around 7pm in the early 80’s, after being tucked away for bed learning many different frequencies and styles of electronic passion and expression. 

Throughout the next two decades John slowly built up studio equipment from a set of drums at age 11, to developing the full on recording studio that it is today. He’s had a summer monthly residency at “The Shelter”, appearances at “The Motor Lounge”, “Oslo”, “The Works”, “Cork Town Tavern”, “Exodus”, “Grasshopper” and has held weekly residency at “The Velvet Lounge” w/Terrence Parker, “The Sky Club” w/ Thomas Barnett, and turned his annual D.R.M.M. (Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries), donation drive for the homeless, into a Sunday monthly @ TV Bar. In addition, John has played along side some of Detroit’s hometown legends with his remarkable and wholesome Deep House sets. These icons include Rick Whillete, Delano Smith, Mike Clark, Norm Talley, Marcellus Pittman, Lee Curtiss, Seth Troxler, Stacey Pullen, Mike Grant, Sean Deason, and many others. 

In 2001 Redsoul was born and John’s imprint began its evolutionary cycle. He pressed his own vinyl on Redsoul Records, recorded music for Cranbrook Art Museum, Matrix Records, and has recorded with world renowned artist Seth Troxler. Their “Breakfast With Thorialanus “ remix” (Seth Troxler Feat. John Clees 7AM At The Coney Mix) was a huge success on the Unfoundsound Label. As as the years continued, John went on to tour in Moscow with his hottest live performance to date. John is constantly perfecting his sound and has gone back into seclusion to put his productions first once more. Releasing (Lost Tracks) on his net label that have been buried for years, on an entirely new path and journey, he will finally be sharing new material once again will the world very soon. Stay tuned for more from this highly creative and talented man as we move into another year of exploration. 
The Box of Detreux