Jin Yerei AR

Jin Yerei or Fuerzas de London are both monikers of Federico Sánchez, a musician born in Buenos Aires, nowadays living in Neuquén, Argentina. He also plays piano and does synth programming at VERANADA, Neuquén-based pop band.

As a DJ, he played regularly from 2007 thru 2011 at Buenos Aires and Chile clubs and venues, like Levitar, Cocoliche, Niceto Club, Delaostia (La Plata), La Macarena (Rosario), Piso 33 (Santiago de Chile).

Played with:  Kasper & Papol (Esperanza Recs., ES) Dany NijensohnSr. Replicante(Urban Groove), Gustavo LamasMicroesferaLeonel Castillo (Groovear), Etaro (Katalog), CapeAlexis Cabrera (Mindshake), Tammy (My Melodies), Acum23, Jay Pace (UK), among other names.

In 2012 Federico got together with friends and created Jane Bordeaux y los trabajadores del amor, a pop-rock band. In 2013, with members of Jane Bordeaux he created Veranada, a southern Patagonia approach to pop songs using digital and analogue instruments for making listenable songs. Veranada is working on their first LP nowadays.

Owner of a dead netlabel called 808m, he’s now focused on the foundation of a new label called Despacio Discos, future home of artists like Amigo Remolino, Sebastián Molina, Fausto Perring and Jin Yerei himself.