Jay Phonic CH

Jay Phonic, born in switzerland during 1981, is a musical person with every fiber of his body.

He started in his early ages playing guitar during his “metal-phase” but in 1991 he heard the first time something called “rave-techno” and he instantly fell in love with those electronic sounds.

Driven from his strong, creative mind he picked up some turntables in 1994 to make his own mixtapes.

Soon after that, he met some other DJs from the area and they pushed each other to new boundaries.

Jay Phonic’s influences are the techno-sounds of the early 90’s, so he bought some old, used gear like MPCs, Synthesizers, Samplers and Mixers to create his own musical language.

Around 2004 he played also his first live gig, using old analog hardware, combined with Ableton Live and USB-Controllers.

In 2010 Jay Phonic got in contact with the well know netlabel “bleepsequence”, an ep and an album were released on the label in the last 4 years, besides many remixes and other projects.

Today, Jay Phonic is able to speak in a wide variety of genres…ambient, idm, techno, house…but in the end it’s just “electronic music”