Echoton DE

With the fokus on deep electronic music two sound addicted brothers established the project “echoton” in 2007. Initially the fascination for music production evoked and then led to a deeper cosmos of electronic sound. The passion of collecting vinyls turned into a sweet sickness in collecting hardware and software instruments. Keeping developing sounds into a more elaborate-sounding techno/house direction, echoton today is mainly known for their organic and idiosyncratic vibe somewhere in between crunchy dubtechno, deephouse and experimental electroacoustic music. Their search for the balance between established methods and pleasant unexpected suprises keeps them rolling. In addition to their studio and label work they definitely love to perform, either as a DJ-Team or nowadays playing live together. This is an exchange of two equal individualists who understand each other implicitly and complement one another blindly, since they came from the same gen-pool. If they didn’t got lost in deep forrests looking for fieldrecordings they occasionally playing at venues like the fusion or doing light/soundinstallations e.g. at the mystic art festival.