Darkyear US

Raised by musicians and exposed to the then-nascent electronic music scene as a child, Aaron Williams has watched on gleefully as both music technology and the industry itself worked to foster a new age of musical exploration and innovation. By the end of the ’90s, Williams had become a DJ and passionate follower of house, techno, drum and bass, industrial dance, trip hop and more. A regular sight at Colorado raves and clubs for several years, he emerged as an amateur electronic music historian even as he used his DJ sets to unite the disparate genres into an aggressive underground force.

Eventually achieving his goal of experiencing Chicago’s house and techno scene first-hand for several months, Williams quietly turned away from music production and performance to focus on other aspects of his life for several years. However, he never stopped searching out new sounds and expanding his musical knowledge. He became fascinated by everything from hip hop to noise rock, even briefly returning to the Colorado club scene as a dance-punk DJ.

Not long after, he took on the Omega Male moniker and developed a deeper understanding of composition and songwriting as one-half of the experimental hip hop act “Drunk Bugs”. Inspired to produce work that drew from his loves of dance music, tribal rhythms and industrial soundscapes, Omega Male set off on his own.

Always in a state of personal evolution, Williams reinvented himself once again as the more chaotic and experiment-oriented producer known as Darkyear. Generally avoiding samples and vocals, Darkyear specializes in unabashedly synthetic yet potent grooves, dense layers of blurry atmosphere and infectious psychedelia.