Arkadiusz Koper PL

Arkadiusz discovered his passion for Music and DJ Production during the mid 90’s in the historical city of Poznan. A city heavily influenced by the Berlin techno era, would see the beginning of his adventures and a new dawn for electronic music.

In early 2006 Arkadiusz made the move to Brighton (UK), where his career took off in the form of Fat!Beaches. A project formed by himself and DJ Subtoneand later Jakub La and Matik joined the crew, promoting techno, deep and minimal events across the City. This production spread to and fro between the UK and Poland and is still prevalent today.

Inspired by music from artists and labels such as BPitch Control, Minus and Cocoon Recordings, in 2009, through dedication and observation, began Arkadiusz first steps into producing music and exploring different styles of live sets and entertainment. His latest incarnation; The Plucked Bros., a due comprising of himself and Jakub La.