Ali Khan CA

Ali Khan is proud to be a veteran electronic music producer, writing techno music from the unlikely geography of the Canadian Prairies.  His discography includes appearances on Cocoon and Fabric London compilations, featured by by techno superstars Sven Vath, Matthew Dear and many more.  His passion for electronic music dates back more than 25 years of experimentation and performance using many forms of analog and digital sound synthesis.

Throughout the years, Ali Khan played in a variety of bands as a keyboard player and as solo electronic music act Subculture.  These experiences really rounded out his feel for grooves and improvisation. Khan credits this fact to why he’s never been shy about playing live, as far back as 1997, with mountains of gear, long before laptop performances had emerged.

Ali continues to write music, most recently with Canada’s Dewtone Recordings, and as live/recording act Tonepushers along with music partner Joe Silva.

Khan’s more recent production style combines the essence of Zen and precision of electronics to create atmospheric, stripped down techno music.